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Blackthorn Glade

A Little on the Wild Side


First I have to say I adore my friends. They're important to me and I love having them in my life. It helps that they think I'm sexy as soft moonlight sparkling on the water. When they say smart, they giggle as they add sarcastic, witty, intelligent, and a challenge. I am Beloved and it feels wonderful.

My friends keep me honest and humble. They call me on my arrogance and push me when I'm slow to make a decision. It's not that I'm a mule, but they whisper about stubborn and red-heads with tempers. I keep reminding them I can hear them. When I start to be self-critical, they don't lift me up with affirmations, they hit me with the clue by fours. Aren't I lucky?

They tease me that I get my argumentative style from too much Law & Order as they shove me over on the couch to watch it. Even when I disagree and debate that my style is my own and I use it in my undergrad studies. I love that my friends have the same interests as me even when they threaten me with dire punishments...as if I'd run.

The small things round out my life. My animals bring me quiet joy. Writing reveals more about me than I sometimes care to admit. Researching deeper into the craft fills my soul and lets me gift myself to others. I read for quiet pleasure, for the joy of traveling while never leaving and for the pain of school work. As in all things in life, you have to take the good with the bad.

I'm an open book with hidden verses. Dragons dance with the moonlight under the blackthorn bushes. Sparkling moonlight beckons you to join the dance. The dragons wink and the blackthorn whispers with the wind. I am moonlight and the way is open.

The 28th day
She'll be bleeding again
And in lupine ways
We'll alleviate the pain

Unholy water
Sanguine addiction
Those silver bullets
A last blood benediction

- "Wolf Moon," Type O Negative

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